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How do I pay?
I prefer Paypal (and am Paypal verified), for the protection offered for both buyer and seller. You can easily set up a Paypal account and use a credit card for payment if you wish - you do not have to link a bank account unless desired. I will also accept personal checks or money orders, though I require that they clear/can be cashed before I ship.

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Can I put a gecko on hold?
Geckos can be put on hold with a 25% non-refundable deposit. Unless prior arrangements are made, payment must then be paid in full within two weeks. For special arrangements (must be discussed beforehand, and any payments made toward the gecko(s) are non-refundable), payment plans typically follow the following guidelines:

- For geckos >$100, the total must be paid within 2 weeks from the date of the initial deposit.
- For geckos $100-$250, the total must be paid within 1 month from the date of the initial deposit.
- For geckos $250-$500, the total must be paid within 2 months from the date of the initial deposit.
- For geckos $500+, please inquire.

After the initial deposit, if payment is not received (or only a portion, after a one month grace period with multiple attempts to contact you), the gecko will go back up for sale and you will not be refunded. Please note that if if this occurs twice you will no longer be allowed to put geckos on hold and if you want to purchase one, you must pay in full up front.

What time of guarantee do you have for your animals?
Geckos have a live arrival guarantee, provided the following conditions are met:

  • You provided the correct address with your order (very important)!
  • They arrive by the time guaranteed by the carrier (either 10:30 AM or 12:00 PM) or are picked up by 11:00 AM at your FedEx/UPS hub or post office (make sure your local hub accepts holds on overnighted packages).
  • Temperatures are within the required range (please see the shipping page for information on weather safety).
  • An adult is there to sign for the animal on the first attempt (if a signature is required).
In other words, I do not assume responsiblity for carrier errors (or your own). I will do my absolute very best to help you track down a lost or delayed shipment, but I cannot control the outcome. Also please note that if shipping through Ship Your Reptiles you have an option for insurance to completely cover expenses in the event of late deliveries or DOA (visit the FAQ Shipping page for more information).

What if my gecko is DOA?
If all of the above conditions are met, and your gecko still arrives DOA (it has yet to occur), I need to be contacted ASAP!! I will require emailed photos within 2 hours of arrival of the dead animal on its back and side, or possibly the animal mailed back to me. If proof is not provided (or not soon enough), you will not be offered a replacement or refund. However, in most cases, you will be offered either the option to choose a replacement animal (paying only the price difference if there is one) which I will ship on my dime, or I will offer to refund you the price of the animal (sorry, I cannot refund shipping without insurance). Whichever offer I choose to extend depends on the situation and is at my discretion.

However, if you purchased insurance for your shipment (read about this option on the shipping page), you can potentially receive an entire refund - both your shipping fees and the price of the animal. I strongly recommend purchasing insurance.

What if my gecko loses its tail in shipping?
Unfortunately this is another of these things that cannot be controlled, and I will not be responsible for tails lost during shipping. Geckos are sent completely healthy with full tails (unless otherwise noted) and multiple precautions are taken to ensure as much comfort and safety for them as possible.

What if I don't like my gecko when I get it?
If the gecko is otherwise healthy, I'm sorry, but it is simply too bad for you. I try my absolute best to portray a gecko honestly - both in descriptions and photos. Photographs are the best representation of quality and color I could manage (unless noted), and what you buy is what you get! If you already own a gecko, you will know that their color can vary significantly, even within a short period of time. I try to list for each photo how much the gecko is fired at that time, but if you have any questions or want additional photos, just ask! Photos are never edited to any extent that portrays the gecko in a false manner, any small touchups that may be made are along the lines of sharpening, cropping, etc. All sales are final.

What if my gecko turns out not to be the gender you listed it as?
Unless a gecko is listed as "guaranteed" female/male, there is always the possibility that my guess was wrong. As it was just a guess (hence the words "potential" or "probable"), I'm not responsible of one of these geckos ending up being the other gender. I do not ever expect to hear that a "guaranteed" animal is actually the opposite, but if for some reason this does occur, please contact me and we will work out a solution. Visit the FAQ care section for more information on sexing.

Will you ever trade for any of your geckos?
On occasion. :) I am always on the lookout for high-end cresteds that may fit into my projects, or other New Caledonian species. Currently I'm on the lookout for (in somewhat order of interest):

- Eurydactylodes agricolae guaranteed female (the more pattern the better)
- Correlophus sarasinorum female (unique - light base color/spots/white collar)
- M. chahoua female, Pine Island ("PI")
- Extremely dark/black guaranteed females, clean & bright cream a bonus
- Super blotch gargoyles of either gender, red base a bonus
- Female HIGH orange/red stripe gargoyle, red base a bonus
- Red OR yellow and cream flame/harlequin adult females, clean a bonus
- Extreme harlequin females (tri-colors ideal), clean & cream a bonus
- Super dalmation guaranteed females, solid and light base colors ideal
Think you have something I'd like? Even if you're not sure, feel free to inquire, I'm always open to looking at new animals! Please email me with photos and information (age, sex, weight, breeding history, etc) about your gecko(s) and what you'd like to trade for. Please note that when trading I require you to ship first. I can provide references if you ask, or just check out my testimonials page. Thanks!

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