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Where will you ship geckos to?
I can ship to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, but not to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada (sorry)! I will ship to rural addresses, though you may need to pay for a more expensive service to get your gecko to arrive by a reasonable time (and keep your live arrival guarantee). More information on that below, and on the Terms page.

What service do you use for shipping?
In the past I have always used Ship Your Reptiles (SYR), who have a partnership with FedEx as a third-party reptile shipper. SYR specializes in shipping reptiles, offers live arrival/on time insurance, and through their relationship with FedEx are usually able to save you a significant amount on your shipping fees. I have overall been pleased with their service - tracking was kept updated, and the animals usually arrive well before the guaranteed time. Shipping fees are now more expensive than they used to be - SYR is looking to have a range between approximately $55-70, (though this is partially just due to higher gas prices!)

I've also recently been approved to ship through Reptiles Express (RE), another third-party reptile shipper with FedEx. Although they do not offer insurance (and so I still recommend SYR to customers) they do often have a cheaper rate, commonly about $10 cheaper (they have run around $40-45 this year). I feel comfortable shipping with this company as well and will do so at your request.

Will you use any other shipping carriers?
The only carrier I cannot use is FedEx (without going through SYR/RE). I will also not use ShipNEX, which some folks have started using, but they are doing so illegally because it is clear under the company's Terms and Conditions that animals are classified under unacceptable shipments. However, I will ship through UPS directly, if requested. This service is usually (I've run into occasions where it was cheaper than SYR/RE) more expensive for you but I have no problem using them and have been pleased with their service in the past. I will also ship through the USPS (post office), but only if your package is guaranteed to arrive with their Express service by noon. (Email me your zipcode and I can provide you with a guaranteed delivery time for your package.) However, if you want me to use any service other than SYR you must specifically request that service when ordering your gecko or I will assume you want me to use SYR.

What will shipping cost?
When using SYR in the past, shipping has usually run between $55-70, occasionally being cheaper. Reptiles Express runs about $37-50. UPS is usually $50 and up, and USPS is almost always the cheapest option at $25-$40 (though note that for some people they have not proven to be as reliable a carrier and often Express services are not guaranteed by an appropriate time). I am happy to provide a shipping quote for any of these companies (please specify which) if you email me with your zipcode.

Is insurance available for my gecko(s)?
Insurance is available for shipments booked through SYR and is the only way to completely protect yourself (receive a full refund) against late delivery as well as animal death due to late delivery. FedEx, UPS, and USPS waive their refunds for live animal shipments, but by shipping with SYR you can purchase insurance for your delivery as well as your gecko(s). The cost is $2.50 per $100 in coverage (this should include the shipping fees: gecko price + shipment price = your total amount needing coverage) and is the buyer's responsibility to pay for. Round up to the nearest hundred (for example, if your animal costs $175 and your shipping costs $50, purchase $300 worth of insurance, for $7.50). Late deliveries are those that are 60 seconds past the FedEx guaranteed delivery time. If you choose to purchase insurance, let me know the amount you wish to be added to your order (I will include it in your total). If your package arrives late or if it is late and the animals are dead, let me know ASAP and I will immediately contact SYR for a refund (of either your shipping fees, or the fees + animal's value) that will be returned to you as soon as possible, minus the original cost of the insurance. Please be aware of the following:

  • Claims for dead arrival must be reported within four hours of the recorded delivery time.
  • Claims for late arrival must be reported within seven days of the recorded delivery time.
I do recommend purchasing insurance. I have shipped a package through SYR that due to driver error, arrived near 3 PM instead of the guaranteed time of 10:30 AM. If insurance had been purchased, a refund could have been issued for shipping fees. Please read the terms page for more information on DOAs (ex: photos are required).

When do you ship, and when will my gecko arrive?
I ship Mondays-Wednesdays, with an occsional Thursday for special circumstances. If using SYR or RE, geckos are sent FedEx Priority Overnight, with arrival by 10:30 AM to most locations (12:00 PM to some). If you are in a rural area and the gecko is not guaranteed by FedEx to arrive by either of those times (again, I will check if you email me your zipcode), you will have to choose one of these options:
- Have your gecko shipped to a different address that qualifies for the above delivery times, OR
- Choose a different shipping company/service that IS guaranteed by the above times, OR
- Pay for UPS Next Day Air Early A.M., which is a much more expensive option but can usually guarantee a reasonable arrival time, even to rural addresses, OR
- Void your live arrival guarantee. If you choose this option, the weather must be near-perfect on both ends and your chosen shipping company must still guarantee arrival by the end of the day.

How do you package your shipments?
I ship in sturdy cardboard boxes, reinforced on all sides with insulating styrofoam inserts (typically 1/2" or 3/4" thick). Geckos are in deli cups on papertowel with a bit of a fake plant for security. The cup is surrounded with packing peanuts or newspaper for further insulation. Boxes are marked perishable and fragile, and packed to meet all requirements of the specific carrier.

What temperatures will you ship in?
I will not ship when highs at either location (mine or yours) are over 80F, or lows are under 40F. On rare occasions a heat or cold pack can be provided (but this presents a whole additional set of risks). Ideally, I prefer to wait for weather with highs in the 60's or 70's. I also keep an eye on the weather at the main UPS and FedEx hubs (Louisville, KY and Memphis, TN or Fort Worth, TX), as the gecko(s) spend most of the night there. If a gecko is purchased in full I have no problem waiting for appropriate weather for shipping. I will not ship if I don't feel it is safe for the animal - I believe it's always better to be safe than sorry, even if it means waiting a little longer!

Weather Forecast for Columbia, MO (my shipping location).

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